There are some universal truths, there are also some universal words of advice “Keep Calm and Carry On” being on of them. But if you are tired of “Keep Calm…and fill in the blank” there’s a new slogan in town. “I like it. What is it?”.

It’s simple, and for me it’s how I see a lot of design. I can’t help it, I am just shallow and a bit of a design spectator. I love fashion that I don’t have the guts – or place – to wear. I love jewelry that’s either too lethal or too delicate to wear around children who will (a) eat it (b) bury it or (c) add it to their spaceship/fort/strange creature.

Most of all – and I don’t know why – I love a good old trip to the hardware store. There are bins upon bins of strange looking things that are metal, the weight of a small car and only cost 32c – to that I can only think “I like it. What is it?”

The “I like it. What is it?” poster by British designer, Anthony Burrill is a printed on 100% recycled paper using the traditional woodblock printing method. Each open edition print is hand signed in pencil by the artist.

“I like it. What is it?” and other work is available online through the Anthony Burrill website.


If you’ve carried your inner goth into your twenties, thirties, and beyond – if there is a beyond, because I wouldn’t know – then this gift guide is for you. The gift guide has a bevy of stylish and/or silly gift items all in black.

My favorite: for the smoker who has everything – except for their health – is the Skykrilla Gorilla Ashtray by David Weeks.

Check out the gift guide

feature GOING STAG

There are some pieces that are just so perfect they stop you in your track. Granted, this often happens when I’m trying to avoid doing something else. Nonetheless this happened when I saw the Oh Deer sculpture by ArtMind which was modern, seasonal and just too cute.

Since I’ve been avoiding doing laundry for a week – it seemed obvious that I should take this opportunity to blog about stags. Sure deers have been popular for the past couple of seasons, but stags aren’t cute cuddle Bambi-type creatures. Stags are powerful and primal and the sort of thing that accompanies a flask of Lagavulin, a deer stalker hat and a brisk walk in the Scottish highlands.

All of this sounds good, but still let’s not forget this started out as a post about an adorable holiday decoration, so on that note….goodbye and have a good weekend!

+ oh deer sculpture, $75, artmind
+ handcrafted deer cards with pressed flowers, $15 for 5, studio flower power
+ deer switchplate decal, $8, byrdie graphics
+ gocco printed reindeer cards, $4.50 for 5, tuesday afternoon tee
+ deer appliqued kids hoodie, $26, finley & oliver

design guide HOLIDAY 2009

The INDEPENDENT DESIGN GUIDE // holiday 2009 launched a day before Thanksgiving last week, but what better day to announce the design guide than on cyber monday.

This guide – like all the others is fantastic, fabulous and fun and just takes all the stress out of holiday shopping. Really it does! Over the next week – I will be posting my little heart out about the guide…. special offers, free delivery and other things that drive us crazy when holiday shopping.

In the meantime, check out the guide and go shopping! And don’t forget to mention that you read about it here!

designer SUE SZABO

Jewelry designer, Sue Szabo’s work is just fabulous – if not a little hard to categorize. All of it is good, but for entirely different reasons. The handmade silver stilletto shoe is so absolutely adorable and girly. Her bold resin work is fun, colorful and modern – and her enamel work has a modern wabi-sabi feel.

One of my favorite pieces is the Bauble ring (top left), which looks like a candy filled toy, but is actually 14 k and 18k gold, filled with faceted rubies and colored sapphires. Delicious, but not edible!

Check out more of jewelry designer, Sue Szabo’s work at her website and Etsy store.


I’ve spent the last few days searching high and low – online – for dresses for the feature The New Little Black Dress in the upcoming INDEPENDENT DESIGN GUIDE // holiday 09. All the designs are from independent designers, and so far the choice has been amazing.

This morning I came across the work of designer, Mahta Bazimi – and just love it. The 4 little LBD’s from the line cover all bases – cocktail, casual, maxi and classic. Here’s the best thing – the glam little numbers all retail for…wait for it….under $100. So you can understand why I had to stop what I was doing and share it with you.

For more information visit the Mahta Bazimi website